Monday, August 29, 2011

First Tooth....

Well, the time has come. Georgianne is officially cutting teeth and it is awful. Not only is she getting her first tooth but also her first ear infection. It breaks my heart that she is in so much pain. However, we had a GREAT weekend. My mom and David came for the weekend. Dustin and I took GGP and David to the Zoo on Saturday. It was a beautiful Saturday for the Zoo.
David really enjoyed the zoo. I think his favorite part of the zoo was the Polar Bears. Dustin took an awesome picture of David look at a polar bear.
I promise, that is a real Polar Bear. After the zoo, we went back to the house and hung out with KK. Mom was such a great mother and did all of our laundry and cleaned our junk closet. I really should have taken a before and after picture of the closet. Needless to say, my Mom is amazing.
We also celebrated Georgianne's 7 month birthday! I can not believe my little baby is 7 months old. My heart is overwhelmed with JOY that is all contributed to Georgianne.
Hopefully my next post will have a picture of Georgianne with her new tooth :)

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