Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Georgianne!

So, this post is about a month late but we have been very busy. Georgianne's birthday weekend was wonderful. I was so pleased with how the weekend turned out. Georgianne's birthday was on a Thursday this year. Dustin and I were so excited to wake Georgianne up. Georgianne was woken up with balloons all around her bed and her Daddy having a video camera in her face. She was so confused. 
Georgianne on the morning of her birthday
Georgianne and I had so much fun on her birthday. We went and had lunch with her daddy. (I took off work to spend the whole day with her) For dinner, some of our family joined us at our house. Currently, Georgianne's favorite food is spaghetti. So, we devoured to pans of spaghetti. And enjoyed birthday cake too!

 On Saturday, we had a "Winter ONEderland" Party for Georgianne! We had around 40 people in our house. It was a tight fit but it was great!

All in all, it was a perfect weekend! I still can't believe my little princess is ONE :) You are loved by so many people!

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